How to Buy

Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman designs are available only through interior designers.

You can connect to professional interior designers that we have worked with before by clicking on the link below. These designers are part of the EF+LM Preferred Designers program and are an elite group of independent interior designers, not affiliated with Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman. Most interior designers may purchase EF+LM designs but these designers are very familiar with our companies and our products. Contact your local showroom for assistance with contacting an interior designer.

Most design centers also offer a designer referral program or designer on call program. And most showrooms have a list of designers that will be willing to help facilitate a purchase of an item through our showrooms. Please contact your local showroom for details.

Preferred Designers are not employees of Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman or any of our representative showrooms We are not advocating the hiring of any interior designer listed. Preferred Designers are independent operators, and as such, have no legal connection to Edward Ferrell + Lewis MIttman. The designers on this list have been selected based on their purchase volume with Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman.